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Welcome to Valhalla Flwr, where we’re more than just a cannabis producer – we represent legacy, a dedication to quality, and a family-operated business. Situated in the stunning mountains of Kelowna, British Columbia, our family-owned company focused on producing exceptional small-batch craft cannabis. Quality is paramount in our flower.

Our flowers are cultivated indoors in coconut fiber under the latest LED lighting. Once harvested, the plants are delicately hung to dry, undergo meticulous hand-trimming, and are cured for three weeks to achieve optimal quality. Our non-irradiated flowers are accompanied by humidity packs to maintain their freshness consistently.

Hang Dry

Hang drying cannabis is crucial for preserving terpene profiles, flavour, aroma, and potency. This method ensures buds dry slowly and evenly, preventing them from becoming too dry or losing essential oils. The process maintains the natural structure and moisture of the buds, resulting in a smoother, more authentic cannabis experience for customers.

Hand Trim

Hand trimming cannabis products ensures superior quality by preserving natural structures, trichomes, and resin. This meticulous process enhances appearance, potency, and flavour compared to machine trimming. It upholds high standards, allows individual inspection of buds, and delivers a premium product with improved visual appeal, flavour, and potency for our customers.

Hand Packed

We ensure the freshness and quality of our cannabis products by including humidity packs in our flower packs and pre-rolls. These humidity packs help maintain the ideal moisture level, preserving the terpene profile and preventing the buds from drying out or becoming too moist. By using humidity packs, we ensure that our products remain at their peak potency and flavour, delivering a consistently smooth and enjoyable experience for our consumers.